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freeCGI++ is a full featured C++ class hierarchy used to build CGI type applications. This library is provided with an implied BSD license and is free for any type of use. If you find bugs or enhancements please e-mail them to me so I can add them to the next release.

Platforms Tested (with included makefiles)

Please note gmake was used with all makefiles.
The code is ANSI C++ compliant and should build on any other platform supporting it.

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Everything you need is in one of the downloadable archives below.

freeCGI++ version 2.4.06 released on 27-Jul-2002
You can also download the project source via Source Forge's freeCGI++ homepage.

Update Log
2.4.06 - Added MSVC++ 7.x project files, fixed obscure memory leak, other minor bug fixes
2.4.05 - Minor bug fixes and some optimization
2.4.04 - Added support for multiple cookies in response HTTP header
2.4.03 - Minor bug fixes, list bug fix thanks to John Loemban Tobing, WAP support, improved AMessage, more RFC compliance
2.4.02 - Ported to SCO Unix thanks to Allan Clark of SCO
2.4.01 - Ported to SunC 5.0 and templated stream classes
2.4.00 - Ported from ACGI++ and ported to HPUX

All comments can be e-mailed to Alex Chacha